Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper skeptical of NHL video review system

John Cooper not sure on Tempa NHL should be coach challenging on goals under video

Lightning Successfully Challenges Colorado to Goal on Monday Night

Avalanche winger Mikko Rantane said it was too hard to be delayed after the goal

Cooper mentioned how long the on-ice referees took to reach the decision to overturn the goal.

Title 1Avalanche would have led 1-0 if Lightning hadn't spread its challenge leg

Lightning Bench did not immediately signal for coach's challenge

Jared Bednar Colorado's coach said it was probably 3 times the length we get

Cooper looked upset like his opponent after the game was over.

If there is a glitch on the screen or there is a problem with the video, then it can be problematic.

Cooper said he understands why the video review rule is in place.

In the end everyone wanted to make the call right foot was the right call offside