The biggest Supreme Court decisions we are still waiting for this term

In recent memory one of the longest Supreme Court terms still has a few most important cases for their trial.

These cases have the potential to change the political geography on abortion, gun control, and the environment laws.

If you count there are total 13 decisions yet to be announced in this term.

The court usually tries to close by the end of June and saves the most important cases for last every time.

The next scheduled date that can be closing day for this term is Thursday 23rd June.

And it is nearly sure that the court will announce all of the remaining decisions by Thursday.

As a result, left cases are likely to be decided next week that will extend this session some more days.

The biggest remaining cases include: - 1. Abortion Law Later this year in May a leaked draft appeared to indicate that five of the court's conservative judges had chosen to overturn Roe which can cause nationwide demonstrations. However, there is no guarantee that the draft is the court's final judgement.

2. Environmental protection This case is all about is all about the federal government's ability to create environmental regulations. There rivals are a group of 27 Republican attorneys general with a history in the fossil fuel industry.

3. Guns Acts New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc., v. Bruen is the court's biggest gun control case since 2008. Now the court will decide that whether individual's ability to carry a gun outside the home.

4. 'Remain in Mexico' Biden v. Texas is the case over the so-called "Remain in Mexico" immigration policy, which was enacted by then-President Trump in 2019.