The Boys season 3, episode 4 recap

The Boys season 3, episode 4 recap

Homelander delivers an interview in which he admits to being agitated

But also wonders who might be to blame for the recent incidents

Stan wants Neuman to track down Homelander and remind him who's boss.

Stan assures her that, despite her anxieties, he would not allow someone to hurt her.

Nina tells Billy that in exchange for his assistance, she wants Shirley.

Billy seemed to understand that he has no choice but to give her what she desires

Hughie sees the impending tape in which Starlight is forced to "admit" to being in a relationship with Homelander

Hughie responds by telling her that he will save her. Homelander enters her room after obtaining a key in order to keep a watch on Starlight, interrupting their talk.

When Homelander begins to irritate Hughie, Starlight warns him that if he harms Hughie or anyone else he loves about

She will walk away and take her approval points with her.

 He threatens Starlight that if she even blinks out of line, he would treat Hughie the same way he treated Alex.