The CW guts its lineup, replaces the canceled shows with Supernatural and Walker spin-offs

There was once a time when The CW was famous for renewing pretty much all of its original shows every season

Only the real problems getting the proverbial boot, but—hoo boy—those days are long gone now.

A few weeks after killing off Batwoman and Legends Of Tomorrow.

the network has killed off In The Dark, Legacies (ending the Vampire Diaries franchise), Dynasty, 4400, Charmed, Naomi, and Roswell New Mexico

Nearly all of which were reboots or revivals of other TV shows .

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that a lot of these cancellations have to do with behind-the-scenes changes at The CW

Specifically the streaming ventures from co-owners CBS Studios (part of Paramount, as in Paramount+) and Warner Bros.

The CW made most of its money from a highly lucrative licensing deal with Netflix

But that deal wasn’t renewed, and now Paramount and Warner are looking to offload the network.

Killing off these shows is a step in making everything cheaper for prospective buyers.

Now there’s no telling how quickly they’ll join their brethren on the cancellation pile.