Is 'The Rock' replacing Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the new Pirates of the Caribbean project?

Following the events surrounding Johnny Depp, Disney has decided not to enlist his services for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Captain Jack Sparrow will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who will take over from Johnny Depp.

Following Amber Heard's oblique claims in the Washington Post, the acclaimed actor will no longer be a part of the classic cinematic series.

Meanwhile, the corporation is already on the lookout for suitable replacements.

According to rumours, Margot Robbie could play this character in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film. Robbie's intrusion, however, continues to be questioned.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that two spin-offs are in the works. According to sources, a third film with an unexpected protagonist could be in the works.

The Rock could be the primary character in the third spin-off, according to Giant Freakin Robot.

Disney and Dwayne Johnson have a friendly relationship. Johnson was promoted as the new protagonist due to the positive link.

The Rock co-starred with Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise, a film released in 2021. Disney would like to consider a makeover with one of Hollywood's most renowned stars.

Interestingly, Dwayne Johnson may be able to relieve another star who has recently been in the spotlight. The actor would also take over for Will Smith in the upcoming Aladdin film.

Getting the part of Jack Sparrow would be another milestone for the Californian actor. The Rock has a track record of appearing in films with high box office earnings, such as Jumanji and The Fast and Furious franchise.