Top five returning kick returning leaders in the Big Ten

The NFL draft has concluded, and the annual spring games across the Big Ten have concluded, so it is time to start thinking about who to watch and what to expect during the 2022 season.

We've already looked at the top five returning Big Ten rushers, passers, receivers, and overall scorers, but the top five returning kick returners may be even more intriguing.

Kick returners don't usually make a difference, but the Ohio State Buckeyes have a good one, and special teams can be crucial in some big games.

These lists demonstrate how dominant Ohio State can be in the Big Ten.

Emeka Egbuka will be a star receiver, but he has already proven to be a star kick returner, leading the Big Ten with 29 yards per kick return.

Charlie Jones of Iowa entered the transfer portal today, but I began this piece before that and there is no turning back!

Last season, the 2021 Big Ten Returner of the Year finished second in the Big Ten with an average of 25.4 yards per return.

We've already heard about Michigan's Blake Corum, and PFF's top returning Big Ten running back is also a monster as a returner, finishing third in the Big Ten with a kick return average of 25.3 yards per return.

Jayden Reed has been on several of these statistical leader pieces, and he excels not only on offence but also on special teams.

With a healthy average of 23.4 yards per return, the Michigan State star was the fourth leading kick returner.

Devyn Ford is expected to play a larger role in the Penn State offence, but he is also an excellent returner, finishing sixth in the Big Ten with a strong kick return average of 21.5 yards per return.