Vince Staples is Behind the Wheel of Next-Gen Acura Integra in New Launch Campaign

The next-generation Acura Integra's marketing campaign, which stars renowned artist and inventor Vince Staples, will premiere tonight during the NBA Finals.

With three TV spots paired to songs from his newest album

Ramona Park Broke My Heart, the inventive and unique campaign, Your Turn (, puts Staples behind the wheel of the new Integra

Acura dealerships across the country are now selling the 2023 Acura Integra.

From collaborating on the images to integrating the campaign's style and feel with his music

Staples was instrumental in bringing Your Turn to life, all while urging drivers to get behind the wheel and personalise the next-generation Integra.

The new Integra campaign will run all summer long.

Meliza Humphrey, Senior Manager, Acura Marketing, remarked, "Vince Staples' artistic vision and musical style mesh very well with Acura's bold, youthful, and demanding spirit.

"Vince's latest tunes, as well as his aesthetic influence on the campaign, help demonstrate how much fun next-generation Integra consumers can have behind the wheel in a fresh, innovative way."

Acura of Decentraland, which is currently open to all visitors at and features the next-generation Integra.