Vouch: Wordle fans face 'most frustrating wordle ever'

The word 'vouch' has been the cause of a lot of anger and frustration as many players lose their streaks because of Wordle 340

Recent wordle answers that have enraged gamers include the American slang word 'homer,' the word 'zesty,' and the word'scour.

While these phrases were difficult to figure out, Wordle 340

which was released on May 25, has irritated players for a different reason.

Despite the fact that 'vouch' is a fairly common term, many players struggled with it and took to social media to protest.

Claiming that the New York Times, the game's creators, had done them 'dirty' once again.

"Wordle 340 X/6 WOW, #wordle has done it again!! "another player who couldn't solve the challenge stated.

Another added, "Wordle 340 X/6 this wordle will be the end of me."