‘What did I just watch?’: Storm star’s contender for bombed try of the season

Storm star Jahrome Hughes has put in his entry for bombed try of the year after robbing himself of a near certain four-pointer against the Roosters.

Hughes looked destined to score beside the posts in the 18th minute after backing up an inside break from Marion Seve

But he surprisingly elected to step inside Joseph Suaalii with the try line at his mercy.

Hughes' choice of the most difficult approach to the try line through the cover defence, leaving a definite try on the table, was questioned by Greg Alexander.

Hughes had taken too long to plant the ball, according to the bunker, which backed up the on-field no-try ruling.

Hughes eventually grounded the ball, according to replays, but the bunker judged it was too late, and he was ruled to have been held up.