What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome? Justin Bieber reveals diagnosis

Justin Bieber blazoned that he'd the rare facial condition. Then’s what you need to know about it.

On Friday, Justin Bieber blazoned that he has Ramsay Hunt pattern, a rare condition that has paralyzed half his face.

“ It's from this contagion that attacks the whim-whams in my observance and my facial jitters and has caused my face to have palsy, ”Mr. Bieber, the pop songster, said

He said that he'd cancel his forthcoming stint dates, as he's “ physically, obviously not able of doing them. ”

What's Ramsay Hunt pattern?

Ramsay Hunt pattern is a neurological condition caused by varicella zoster contagion, the same contagion that causes chickenpox in children and shingles in grown-ups.

The contagion can loiter in your body for your entire life, indeed long after you have recovered from chickenpox, and awaken to irritate and inflame the jitters in your face.

The illness affects men and women inversely and can affect in palsy on one side of the face and painful, blistering rashes.

It's more common in aged people, and some cases witness changes in their hail, maybe perceiving sounds louder in one observance than another or developing tinnitus( a habitual ringing in the cognizance) or indeed deafness in one observance. observance and facial pain is generally a part of the pattern, and some cases may suffer from vertigo.

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