Where is 'Harry's House' anyway? Harry Styles explains

Harry Styles has been constantly on the go since his teenage years in the boy band One Direction

one world tour after another. So the idea of home is something he's been giving a lot of thought.

Just consider the title of his new album, out today: Harry's House.

Morning Edition's Leila Fadel spoke to Styles about the concept of home and where he sought it during and after lockdown

helping friends heal and the process of separating the pop star from the person

And she learned, while researching him for the interview, he was researching about her too.

I always felt like I would land in a certain place, or a certain house and feel like 'Oh, this is the home I've been searching for.'

And I think, much like happiness, that isn't necessarily a final resting place and it is a journey and it's kind of peaks and troughs of happiness, sadness

I think because I started so young, it became kind of like – that's who I am

I don't know if I ever stopped for long enough to realize what I was if I didn't do it. But I think getting to a place where I feel like

'This is what I do and I love it, but it's not necessarily who I am.' Just feels like a much healthier place to be operating from and making music from.