Mormon influencer exposes ‘soft swinging’ secrets on TikTok: ‘Everyone hooked up’

Taylor Frankie Paul, a Mormon influencer who is well-known on the "MomTok" side of TikTok

 Has disclosed that she and her husband were "soft swinging" with their fellow Utah couples in the latest social media incident.

The religious influencer's 3.5 million followers were already intrigued by their unconventional Mormon marriage

But a recent scandal has gained traction with TikTok spectators who previously only knew MomTok.

Tens of millions of people are now talking about it.

Paul, 28, said her and her husband, Tate Paul, are divorcing because of her erratic conduct.

Swinging requires numerous partners agreeing to be non-monogamy

 But Paul's group apparently engaged in "soft swinging," which meant not going "too far," according to Paul.

She's already admitted to "going all the way" with one of her buddy group members, as described by Distractify

Despite any negative online attention, Paul – who has daughter, Indy, and son, Ocean, with her ex – is happy to be generating buzz from the spectacle, and owning her “villain” status.

While she admitted to being "overwhelmed," she did have some bad news for MomTok fans: "From here on out, I will not be publishing anything anymore."