Why Spider-Man 3's Symbiote Is Better Than Venom's

It goes without saying that the general fan consensus is that the character of Venom was done a lot better in his own solo cinematic features than as a villain in Spider-Man 3.

It's understandable why this would be the case -- the general design of Venom in his films is much closer to his look in the comics compared to the version in Spider-Man 3.

Furthermore, Venom was simply a villain Sam Raimi was not a fan of

He had no interest in bringing him to the big screen and was forced to by the studio.

While it is easy to dismiss the symbiote as simply being black goo

and not that important to depicting Venom on screen, the truth is there is a lot of work bringing that black goo to life.

The main issue with the symbiote's depiction in the Venom films is that it's a weightless CGI creation

The film makes no attempt to hide that or convince the audience otherwise.

The Venom films are successful in their own way -- they were decently successful hits worldwide and had a strong fan following.

However, the symbiote in Spider-Man 3 feels more real and tactile

Ultimately, the real lesson to take from this is that the day spent pouring black goo on a Spider-Man suit was well worth it.