International Music Day or World Music Day is celebrated on 21 June every year to endorse music and musicians.

It is celebrated in more than 120 countries including France, USA, Canada, India, Germany, China, Australia, and more.

This year, the theme of World Music Day is “Music on the intersections”.

Music lovers are welcomed to enjoy and celebrate their love for music by participating in several street fests or by simply listening to the music they love.

The inspiration of World Music Day was taken from France.

In 1982, French people used to celebrate "Fête de la Musique" which means music festival.

Free musical concerts and performances are organised in France on the occasion of On Fête de la Musique.

This special day was first organised by Maurice Fleuret, director of Music and Dance of France’s ministry of culture and Jack Lang, the then french minister of culture in 1982 and then yearly.

Later by 1985, people from the different parts of this world also adopted this annual concert and started celebrating this annual programme.

After its popularity in different parts of our world a contract was signed in Budapest in 1997, during the European Festival of Music to make 21st June as World/International musc day.

Its worldwide existence and growth had led music industry to reach a certain height and had encouraged a large number of musicians.

It has also helped improve many traditional genres that were once fading away. It has also helped in bringing new musical trends and new artists to the limelight.