WWE News Roundup: Top-name quit despite attempts to stop him, Former women's champion called 'hell to deal with' backstage, Stephanie McMahon's tweet after leaving

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, in which we attempt to bring you the most important news articles and updates from the sports entertainment sector.

1. Stephanie McMahon pays homage to the United States Armed Forces

The former women's champion tweeted: "Today we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families - fighting for our freedoms so each day we wake up with endless possibility #MemorialDay,"

Stephanie McMahon has recently taken a break from her WWE backstage duties. She is the WWE's chief brand officer, although only for a short time. According to rumours, the corporation is looking for a full-time successor for her, and she is unlikely to return anytime soon.

There have been rumours that her abilities as the CBO have been questioned. Meanwhile, her husband, Triple H, took a break after suffering a heart attack. He is, however, said to be returning full-time for his backstage duties now.

Jeff Jarrett tried to stop Road Dogg from quitting WWE

When he was known as The Roadie, Road Dogg left WWE in 1995. At the time, he was Jeff Jarrett's on-screen assistant. A dispute between the two had been planned by the firm. Before that happened, however, both men quit the company. On his podcast, Road Dogg admitted that Jarrett tried to talk him out of leaving the company, but he denied.

''Jeff had a great thing going and Jeff was not happy and I told him, 'I am with you.' He said, 'You don't have to be bro, you can stay right here and keep doing your thing.' Jeff was very honest with me,'' said Dogg.

"Jeff was having a great time, and he wasn't happy, so I told him, 'I'm with you.' 'You don't have to be bro, you can remain right here and do your thing,' he replied. 'Jeff was completely honest with me,' Dogg added.

Booker T says Melina was 'hell' to deal with

Former women's champion Melina was difficult to deal with backstage during her first run with the WWE, according to Booker T. She was not well-liked by the locker room back then, unlike now, when she is one of the most respected women in the profession.

"In terms of Melina, I really like her now; I didn't like her when she first came out." Nobody had done so. She was one of those who took ownership of it; she wanted to be the best in the ring and the worst in the locker room," Booker said.

He also claimed that Melina's WWE career was marked by controversy. She is now a member of NWA, but she still makes appearances for them. She

How Shinsuke Nakamura's injury led to Eric Young losing his debut match

Former WWE Superstar Killian Dane, aka Big Damo, discussed his band Sanity's SmackDown debut in 2018. He disclosed that Jeff Hardy was slated to compete for the United States Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Former WWE Superstar Killian Dane, aka Big Damo, talked about his band Sanity's debut on SmackDown in 2018. He revealed that Jeff Hardy was set to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship.