WWE Raw: Finn Balor Joins The Judgement Day, Kicks Edge Out of The Group

WWE's The Judgement Day faction got a major shake-up on this week's Monday Night Raw.

The group began the third hour of the show with a promo announcing the addition of a fourth member

The former NXT Champion explained that he realized joining the group was obviously while fighting them at Hell in a Cell

Damian Priest then grabbed the microphone and said it was time for the group to take the next step,

The three then turned on Edge, beating him down in the corner, powerbombing him through a table

With a broken chair leg and a Con-Chair-To, I gave him a Glasgow Grimace and nailed him with a Con-Chair-To.

 Balor has never been a heel on the main roster, and this is the closest he's come to his "The Prince" NXT identity.

Balor has stated publicly in interviews that he felt his 2019-21 run in NXT,

He idea of going back to NXT was to give Finn Balor a break from Raw and a break from SmackDown

It was to give me a break from the television, a break from the trip, and a chance to reset and remodel my life.

In recent months, I've felt like I've just just begun to hit my stride in NXT.