WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 23

Hell in a Cell is coming up in just two weeks on June 5, so WWE is using a lot of time to build up the event to occupy the card.

Bobby Lashley was back in the ring with MVP and Omos this week.

Becky Lynch talked on losing the No. 1 Contender's match vs Asuka last week. Cody Rhodes took on The Miz as he prepared for one final showdown against Seth Rollins at HIAC.

Riddle appeared with Orton by his side. During his promo, The crowd was giving him every kind of reaction he wanted.

Zayn chooses to wear a shirt when he wrestles though he is in great shape. He is doing so because WWE asks him to do to push merchandise.

Styles throwing Morgan at Ripley to hit a hurricanrana was cool to see.

Edge's promo was good, but like all the previous segments, it wasted our time. He could have said everything he needed to say in half the time and it would have been more memorable.

Ripley catching Morgan to counter a crossbody and popping her up into a vertical suplex position looked great.

Lawler made a joke about Veer Mahan being hairy. Other than his beard and head, he is the smoothest man on the Raw roster, so his joke was a miss.

Alexa's Twisting Bliss was great. It was surprising that WWE did not try to pair up Bliss with a new partner for the upcoming women's tag title tournament.

Corey Graves was  made to explain what happened with Sasha Banks and Naomi again despite that situation having nothing to do with this match.

Rollins gave an interview backstage and expressed anger at WWE giving Rhodes his own countdown clock. It was a pretty good promo from The Visionary.

It was hilarious to see Owens screaming at Byron Saxton. He makes everything around him more entertaining.

Gable is so smooth when he starts going after an opponent's leg. WWE should put him in the ring with the best on a regular basis instead of forcing him to do this kind of stuff week after week.

The promo Lashley delivered earlier in the night might have confirmed that he needs a mouthpiece most of the time.  MVP's gear was cool. He kind of looked like a superhero without a logo. The way Lashley ran MVP into the ring post looked nasty.

It is always fun to see, Becky embracing her bratty side. Asuka spinning elbow  always looked brutal, but she somehow doesn't hurt anybody with it. A couple of kicks from Asuka looked a little stiffer than she may have intended, but Lynch sold everything perfectly.