WWE reportedly changes their mind about Lacey Evans again

Lacey Evans' return to WWE has been interesting to say the least.

WWE began airing films on SmackDown in early April in which Lacey Evans explained her tragic life story.

The plan seems to be to portray her as a compassionate babyface, making it harder for people to boo her.

On the May 6 broadcast of SmackDown, she made her live return, but there were hints of a heel character when fans were told to get up and show her respect.

The films detailing Lacey's tragic life story were then recapped on the May 9 episode of Raw for whatever reason.

Within 24 hours, it was revealed that WWE has decided to promote her as a villain from SmackDown to Raw.

Evans then began to make live appearances on Raw. On Memorial Day, WWE announced her first match back in the ring for this week's broadcast (May 30), but it never happened.

And now, in this ongoing story, we get the most recent swerve. Evans has been reassigned to the SmackDown roster, according to PW Insider. Over the previous 48 hours, a choice was reached.

On the one hand, now that Sasha Banks and Naomi have been suspended indefinitely, SmackDown needs someone, anyone, to assist the women's division on Friday nights.

WWE's inability to figure out what to do with Lacey Evans, on the other hand, is amusing.

It's been almost two months since WWE began airing her homecoming videos, and she's already switched brands without ever wrestling a bout.