You can now play FALL GUYS for Free on EPIC GAMES STORE

It was revealed last month that Fall Guys was going to be free to play on 21 June and it was coming to Epic Games Store.

It was also mentioned there that it will be removed from Steam store.

People who have bought a Steam version will use to get full support from the developers like earlier.

Mediatonic, the developer of the game, posted that Fall Guys will now have cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms such as PC via Epic Games Stores, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on their community tab.

Now new players can not purchase Fall Guys on Steam store. Its product page has also been removed from that store.

The free-to-play relaunch includes a season reboot, and a new currency for the game called Show-Bucks with new advancement system.

The new Season 1 of Fall Guys is titled Free For All.

The game includes massive arena filled with new events and places.

Existing players will receive a Legacy Pack after this season reboot.

Fall Guys is also giving the initial season pass and a number of cosmetics to their existing players.

This could be proved as a good move for the game because it was loosing its player count. Now, Player can play with all their friends who are on PC and consoles.