Zendaya seems a thousand years old to me. She has lived numerous lifetimes prior to this one.

She also gives the appearance of having been born in the future for some inexplicable reason.

She is timeless and capable of completing any task.

Zendaya has radiated like a shooting star recorded on celluloid in Sam Levinson's Malcolm & Marie in the last year or two.

In Levinson's cultural phenomena Euphoria, she emotionally erupted as her teenage years collapsed.

She starred in Spider-Man: No Way Home, a box office smash in a year when she was dubbed the "muse of extremes."

 She is a self-contained creative powerhouse.

A potential cultural icon. A person who uses honesty as a new superpower, driven by pure inspiration, empathy, and respect for her work.

She appears courageous, has deep roots, and still laughs like a child, which I admire.

Zendaya is the next big thing. And nothing makes me feel more at ease. This is just the start.