Zoom School Was No Education for My Math Students

A masked teacher instructs students remotely from a San Francisco elementary school

I saw that complete calamity as a math instructor with 28 years in the trenches.

All math courses, of course, have a prequel and a sequel.

Academic year 2020-21 placed nearly all students in a remote-learning setting.

I kept note of how many pupils were actively engaged each day.

All students had the option of clicking on the appropriate Zoom link, then tuning in or tuning out.

The 80% who opted out got virtually no math education along with a year’s worth of backsliding.

Every day, I recognised engaged students by posting their names on the classroom website.

Many of the active 20% of the class, as well as the 80% of inactive students, were in my geometry class this year.

Students have no way of recognizing the potholes in their math knowledge.

Few of the 80 percent will become STEM or knowledge workers without remediation.